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  • 23andMe Educators Summit

    As schools were letting out for the summer, 23 professors and teachers from public and private universities, community colleges and Ivy League schools across the U.S. convened at 23andMe headquarters in Mountain View for the inaugural 23andMe Educators Summit.

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  • Congratulations to Tara Turley-Stoulig
    23andMe Education Grant winner

    “Through the 23andMe grant program, my undergraduate students will have the opportunity to learn more about their own, personal genetic information and develop a better understanding of what these types of services offer. We will be able to dive into genetics in a completely different and individualized way, bringing the science of the process into view and applying a creative twist. This means I can provide a genetics education experience that is unique for students and engaging on a whole new level.” – Tara Turley-Stoulig

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  • Congratulations to Susan Finazzo
    23andMe Education Grant Winner

    “This generous grant from 23andMe has brought an added air of expectancy and excitement to the classroom. My students are eager to learn more about genetics and how they can extrapolate that knowledge to their own personal genetics. I believe this will have a lifelong effect on my students and not just in their understanding of genetics. ” – Susan Finazzo

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  • Congratulations to Esteban Burchard, Jose Tinajero, Amy Liu, Alan Wu, and Sam Oh
    23andMe Education Grant winner

    “This award will allow us to inspire generations of future healthcare providers through Precision Medicine education at UCSF. We are now able to transform our course to promote personalized learning, building upon the foundation Dr. Esteban Burchard and his team have developed.” – Esteban Burchard, Jose Tinajero, Amy Liu, Alan Wu, and Sam Oh

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  • Teacher’s story
    Professor David Matthes

    “Teaching students the rules of inheritance, of gene expression, and genetic variability feels like teaching them some of the most vital secrets of the universe. With the availability of personal genetic data from 23andMe we get the opportunity to make genetics personal: it’s not just “a haplotype” it’s their haplotype. It’s not just an ancestry informative marker, it’s the one they inherited.” – David Matthes

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