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Give your students a first-hand look at personal genetics through our sample genetic reports.

Our sample genetic reports include:


Learn about how gene variants that may cause certain inherited conditions can be passed down from parents to their children.


Make connections between genetics and traits that may relate to healthy living.


Learn about how DNA can be traced back to ancestral origins, haplotypes and neanderthals.


Examine how DNA and the environment can influence various traits, such as food preferences to physical features.


Now is the time to teach personal genetics

What if your students can learn genetics by investigating their own genome instead of reading a textbook?

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Prepare students to solve real-world problems

How can we prepare students for their future?

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Big data and human health

Learn how big data and algorithms are helping to create personalized medical treatment plans for patients.

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Genetic ancestry matters in precision medicine

Ever wondered why some racial/ethnic communities have higher rates of disease and how they may respond differently to certain treatments?

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History in Your DNA: The Complex Genetic Portrait of the U.S.

Explore the history hidden in our DNA and how genetic ancestry can illustrate some of the complex cultural and social history of America.

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Educational videos

Genetics 101

A series of short videos that help explain important concepts in genetics: from the basics of cells to the role of SNPs. Use them to introduce concepts essential to understanding DNA

Human Prehistory 101

A series of videos that follow the path of our human history: from our early beginnings in Africa to the present day. Use them as a quick way to review human evolution.

Educational books


You Share Genes with Me

Level: K – 2nd grade

An illustrated board book designed with simple words to help teach what percentage of our genes are shared with different organisms. Use it in your elementary school classroom to help reinforce understanding of the word “gene” or the concepts of percentage.

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The One and Only Me

Level: 3rd grade – 5th grade

A picture book that helps explain what genes are, where they come from, and the role of DNA and the environment in determining traits. After reading the book, students could discuss how they are similar to and different from their own families, and how this might be evidence of their shared DNA.

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*Our tests can be used to determine carrier status in adults, but cannot determine if you have two copies of the genetic variant. Each test is most relevant for people of certain ethnicities. The tests are not intended to diagnose a disease, or tell you anything about your risk for developing a disease in the future. On their own, carrier status tests are not intended to tell you anything about the health of your fetus, or your newborn child’s risk of developing a particular disease later in life.